Changing the way things are

So everyone can get the right domestic worker for a change

Changing the way things are

So everyone can get the right domestic worker for a change

What sets us apart

What sets us apart

We believe a strong and lasting relationship is key to this industry—between you and us, us and the domestic worker, or you and them. Which is why we always take the time and effort to know each party; and why we offer complete transparency.

Because only with trust and understanding, can we find you the right fit and give them the opportunity they deserve.

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Why we are doing this

Why we are doing this

I am passionate about doing what’s right in this industry. I know it may sound unbelievable. "Why would anyone start a maid employment agency out of passion?" Well, there are two reasons.

Firstly, there are unethical practices and on-going unfairness in this industry—for both you, the employer, and the foreign domestic worker. It leads to the high number of transfers (that only benefits the agency) and high levels of unhappiness.

Secondly, we’re good at what we do, and we take pride in it. We believe in understanding both of your expectations, needs, and wants. That’s why we listen and we ask the right questions—something that is lost in the industry today. And it’s something we want to change.

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Tyrell Lam

I came across Tailormaid via some online and to this day, i would say i didnt regret engaging them. Chloe is very nice and professional who never fails to provide updates. She just does EVERYTHING and i wouldnt need to worry a thing. All i need to do is just sign some documents, pay and wait. As far as i can see, Chloe is very warm and passionate and care about all the helpers her agency has to offer. Now that is a rare trait as sometimes you dont find people who imbue compassion into their business. Tailormaid is really professional and will only match you with the right helper, the one that suits you by going thru the helpers profile who are shortlisted.

The helper i had engaged is very professional and nice as well even though they are new to the country. Bottom line is, should you come across Tailormaid agency in your search for a helper, you should just picked up the phone RIGHT NOW n call. A very very good first time experience ive had.

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Eileen Chanel Low

In this very challenging year, I decided I need to hire a helper to assist me with my household (due to plenty reasons for the need). And frankly speaking, it’s pretty scary enough as I have no idea where to start or even how to begin with. As a first time employer myself, after hearsay from so many people how engaging agencies can actually be a nightmare, I done my due diligence to enquire one by one. That’s when I decide to brace myself, trust my faith and engage TailorMaid where I met Chloe.

I must say, Chloe has been very responsive, friendly and patience in answering all my concerns/queries. She will go through in detail of the requirements I need, filter and select the helper that best fits my requirements. To my amazement, the helper she selected for my family was able to pass our expectation and without further interviews required, we decided to hire the helper she recommended! You definitely can also count that she is not pushy and hard selling (at all). She will be brutally frank with you on what are the fees payable with no hidden cost towards it. On top of that, her service fees are very reasonable unlike what other agencies in the market that extortionate potential employers at this point of time when transfer helpers are in demand but for Chloe, this is against her practice. (Thumbs Up)

Therefore, if you want competent and reliable service, check out Tailormaid – Chloe. Your first time “engaging a helper” journey will be of a breeze. I will highly recommend her service! 😊

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Jimmy Too

Email or called a lot of maid agency due to some issues but fews follow up include Chloe. But the advice & service she provide I can feel is a very responsible and organized!

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Yvonne Liao

I must say, the most responsive and eithical employment agency i ever engaged. Not only Chloe was very passionate about her service, even the charges that they have are unbelieveable lower than my expectation! (given their service level) Keep it up! I hope that oneday you and your Team will finally show the industry that it is truly not LUCK!

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Yi Ming Loo

Professional and detailed consultation by Chloe and Carmen to understand requirements for employers and match it with the correct helpers.

Ethical process from them ensures the fairest practice in the market.

Look for Chloe and Carmen to get your tailor made helper services!

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